January 24, 2019  |  Updated January 25, 2019

Conspiracy Special: Tracking New Falsehoods Around the Salisbury Attack

By EU vs Disinfo

This week, the pro-Kremlin media stated that the British government was behind the Skripal case, the West is meddling in Belarus, the US is conducting dangerous experiments in Ukraine and – as usual – Ukraine is the provocateur.

What kind of a picture could one paint about Ukraine? At least six pro-Kremlin outlets have been busy creating the image of a dangerous and unpredictable country, by claiming that an Italian journalist went missing in eastern Ukraine. In reality, the journalist is safely back in Italy and now sharing vivid images captured in the government-controlled sector of Mariupol.

Continuing with Ukraine – after the Foreign Minister announced his country is preparing to terminate 50 treaties with Russia, the pro-Kremlin media turned up its sleeves and got to work spreading disinformation about Ukrainian politicians supposedly trying to show the results of their work to their master – the USA. Looking at pro-Kremlin media week by week, the will to undermine the credibility of approaching elections and of politicians in Ukraine with claims of dependence to US is pre-eminent.

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