May 8, 2018  |  Updated May 10, 2018

Alt-Info and Breitbart Faked the Results of the Eurobarometer Survey

By Lana Kapanadze

On May 2, 2018, an ultra-nationalist online edition Alt-Info published an article titled “According to the majority of the European Union population, the process of integration of migrants is unsuccessful” .According to the material, the public opinion poll, conducted by the European Commission, shows that 55% of the European Union population believes that the process of integrating migrants with their countries has been unsuccessful.

The article is based on an article by an ultra-right portal Breitbart and mentions that the countries with high rate of migration stand out with especially large amount of people, who believe that the integration is unsuccessful. Statistical data from Sweden (73%), France (64%) and Germany (63%) are given as examples.

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