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What Are Hybrid Threats?

Hybrid threats are at their very core interlinked, operating domain spanning activities that the threat actors, nation… Read more


Aapo Cederberg is executive adviser to the Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC). He is also an associate fellow of the Global Fellowship Initiative at the Geneva Centre of Security Policy (GCSP). His main area of responsibility is cyber security and other comprehensive security matters, such as hybrid warfare, and to organize training courses and security dialogue on this topic. Mr. Cederberg is also chief executive officer and co-Founder of Cyberwatch Finland. Cyberwatch provides strategic analysis and better situational awareness of the cyber world for the management of companies and organizations in Finland. Mr. Cederberg has served as secretary general for the Security Committee of Finland for six years. The Security Committee provides support, advice, and expertise for the government in comprehensive security matters, and serves as a collaborative platform for on-going national efforts related to national crisis preparedness. Previously, Mr. Cederberg was the head of strategic planning and foresight at the Ministry of Defense (2005 – 2007). Before this he served in the Finnish Defense Forces, where he held the position of commander at the Häme GBAD Battalion (2003 – 05), and served as a senior military adviser at the Permanent Mission of Finland to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) (1999- 2003).