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By Jakub Kalenský

Why the Public Should Care About Disinformation

Jakub Kalensky discusses the importance of having a fact based society in order to live in a… Read more

By Jakub Kalenský

Kremlin’s Disinformation Machine Recycles Soviet Narratives

Strong emotions are a much better driver of propaganda messages than calm reasoning and argumentation. Some words… Read more

By Jakub Kalenský

How the Kremlin Exploits a Crisis

Whenever there is a polarizing incident in the Western world, the Kremlin-controlled media, and their proxies and… Read more

By Jakub Kalenský

The EU’s Action Plan Against Disinformation: Good First Step, Now We Need a Follow-Up

Today, the European Union presented its long-awaited Action Plan against disinformation. That’s good news. After several years of… Read more

By Jakub Kalenský

Beware of Russian Fake News

The Kremlin’s disinformation campaign has only one strategic purpose: to weaken the West Introduction The East Stratcom… Read more


Jakub Kalenský joined the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center in Autumn 2018 as a non-resident senior fellow focusing on disinformation. In this capacity, Jakub is focusing on raising the awareness about pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign via producing articles and reports on this topic, including for the DisinfoPortal; giving interviews and public speeches; as well as via briefing governments and journalists in Europe. He also works with the Ukrainian Election Task Force as disinformation lead. Between 2015 and 2018, Jakub worked for the European Union’s (EU’s) East StratCom Task Force as the team lead for countering disinformation. There, Jakub was responsible for the EUvsDisinfo campaign and its flagship product, the weekly #DisinfoReview. This work also included briefings and trainings of journalists and civil servants, as well as numerous background briefings for the media. Before that, Jakub worked as a political correspondent in numerous print, online and television newsrooms in the Czech Republic. He was awarded for his work in 2011 with a prize for promising junior journalists. Jakub has a degree in Philosophy and Russian language and literature.