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By Oana Popescu

Oana Popescu Explains Tailored Propaganda in Romania

Oana Popescu, director of the GlobalFocus Center, explains how propaganda is tailored to target Romanian audiences. Read… Read more

By Oana Popescu

Propaganda Made to Measure: How Our Vulnerabilities Facilitate Russian Influence

Think Cambridge Analytica is the worst it gets? No, it’s only the top of the iceberg! Personal data… Read more


Oana Popescu is the director of GlobalFocus Center, an independent foreign policy think tank. In this capacity, she coordinated a recent study on regional vulnerability to propaganda and subversion, entitled Propaganda Made to Measure: How our Vulnerabilities Facilitate Russian Influence. She previously served as the State Secretary for European Union (EU) Affairs for Romania, her expertise covers global political risk and strategic analysis, EU policies, emerging threats (with an emphasis on disinformation and radicalization), change management, and the shifting models of governance in a world undergoing accelerated change. Oana is also a writer, lecturer, media commentator, and business consultant and previously worked as a journalist, foreign policy adviser to the President of the Romanian Senate, and programs director of Aspen Institute Romania. She has received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Bucharest, her master’s degree from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies, and was a Fulbright scholar at Yale University.