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By Sopo Gelava

Who Spreads Statement Made Five Years Ago for Inciting Fear of War Today

A news report claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin is allegedly getting ready to invade Georgia went… Read more

By Sopo Gelava

Real Facts about European Vaccines and Georgian Conspiracies

Conspiracy theories about vaccination have been actively spread in Georgian online media over the past years. Various… Read more

By Sopo Gelava

Davit Tarkhan-Mouravi’s Disinformation About Poland Allegedly Demanding Territories from Ukraine

Davit Tarkhan-Mouravi, one of the leaders of the opposition Alliance of Patriots party, said in the interview with Obieqtivi… Read more

By Sopo Gelava

Disinformation that NATO Allegedly Violated an Agreement with Russia

An article by Givi Somkhishvili titled “Foe, Rejoice! Nation, suffer!” was published on the webpage of Georgia and World… Read more

By Sopo Gelava

Speculation by Simon Kiladze and an Obiektivi Anchor about the Energy Security of Georgia

A former Advisory to the Administration of the President of Georgia and convicted of espionage for Russia,… Read more


Sopo Gelava became a researcher for the Media Development Foundation (MDF) in 2016. In this capacity, she serves as an editor and a fact-checker for Myth Detector, an online portal dedicated to tracking disinformation efforts. Prior to this, she served as a communications officer for Indentoba, a civil rights organization, and the International Blue Shield’s Georgian Committee. Between 2014 and 2015, she was a foreign affairs reporter for Tabula TV. She received her master’s degree from Ilia State University.