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By Susanne Spahn

Russische Medien: Eine Waffe im Informations-krieg

Dieser Artikel ist Teil einer Reihe von Sonderbeiträgen zur #DisinfoWeek Europe. Amneldung und wietere Informationenen unter… Read more

By Susanne Spahn

The Network of the Russian Information Policy in Germany

This article is part of series of special articles for #DisinfoWeek Europe. To register and learn more… Read more

By Susanne Spahn

Russian Mass Media in Germany: Independent Journalism or Political Weapon?

In a recent study for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, independent researcher Susanne Spahn exposes the modus operandi… Read more


Dr. Susanne Spahn is an independent researcher based in Berlin, Germany. Her research focuses on Russian media as well as Russian information operations and policy. She is currently performing research about Russian mass media in Germany. Her Russian-language study Russian Mass Media in Germany – Independent Journalism or Political Weapon was published in May 2018. She published another study exploring the image of Ukraine spread in Germany by Russia. Recently, she worked on a project monitoring Russia’s information policy towards the German federal election in 2017. Dr. Spahn started her career as a journalist with Süddeutsche Zeitung. She later worked for Dow Jones News, Deutsche Welle, Die Welt, and other outlets, where she focused on Eastern Europe, especially Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In 2010/11 she reported as an independent correspondent from Moscow Dr. Spahn received a master’s degree in Eastern European history and a PhD in Russian foreign policy towards Ukraine and Belarus since 1991 from the University of Cologne.