July 20, 2018  |  Updated August 22, 2018

#BalticBrief: False Story About Collapsed Mall Doesn’t Hold Up

By Nika Aleksejeva

On July 15, the website Redzams, which translated from Latvian means “Visible”, reported the alleged collapse of the “Alffa” shopping mall in Riga and with hundreds of casualties.

Open source evidence revealed that the mall was not collapsed, and Redzams relied on false social media accounts to drive traffic to the website. This was not the first time Redzams, which is owned in part by Latvian hip-hop artist Niks Endziņš, was accused of spreading disinformation, but this case triggered a response from the Latvian Minister of Interior. The event also reignited a debate on whether the Latvian government should create a joint website that will share debunks of false news.

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