June 10, 2018  |  Updated June 18, 2018

#BalticBrief: Film Stirs Old Allegations Around Latvian Independence

By Nika Aleksejeva
Left: Andrey Tatarchuk. Right: Dmitry Yermolaev. (Source: Facebook / Serg Chetvertnoy)

On May 15, the documentary Cvetnoy Sektor (Color sector) was screened at the Central Journalist’s House (Domzhur — Домжур) in Moscow. The filmmakers of the documentary include Andrey Tatarchuk, a journalist with indirectly Kremlin-financed Baltnews.lv, and a Russian artist from Estonia named Sergey Chetvertnoy. The film’s focus is the revolutions in post-Soviet countries since the nineties. The coup in Latvia in 1991 that led to independence from the Soviet Union is featured prominently.

In the movie, the filmmakers suggested that particular individuals, who later joined the Latvian military, shot at Latvian civilians and were involved in the deaths of five people during a fire near the Ministry of the Interior (MoI).

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