August 5, 2018  |  Updated August 6, 2018

#BalticBrief: Sputnik Targets NATO Exercise, Reveals Wider Narrative Trend

By Nika Aleksejeva
Search results for Alexander Zhilin on local versions of Sputnik in the Baltic states. Left (Source: Sputnik Estonia); middle (Source: Sputnik Latvia); right (Source: Sputnik Lithuania)

NATO exercises close to Russian borders sparked hostile responses on Kremlin-owned media outlets. Saber Strike was a multinational, U.S. led NATO excercise that took place from June 3 through June 15. @DFRLab previously reported various instances of inaccurate reporting on NATO via pro-Kremlin media at the time the exercise started. The stories misrepresented facts about the exercise, suggesting that NATO soldiers were an aggressive occupying force and the Baltic states are surrendering to it.

On June 9, Russian military expert Alexander Zhilin spoke to Sputnik Lithuania and claimed:

“Only prostitutes profit from NATO exercises.”

The remark happened while Saber Strike was still underway in the Baltic states and Poland.

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