June 3, 2018  |  Updated June 14, 2018

#BalticBrief: Three Men Kick Ambulance in Estonia, NATO Blamed

By Nika Aleksejeva
Left (Source: EurAsia Daily); Right (Source: Virumaa Teataja).

On May 16, Estonian regional media outlet Virumaa Teataja reported an incident in which three English-speaking men asked an ambulance driver to give them a ride. After the driver refused, one of the men kicked the vehicle and damaged the doors. The article mentioned that Meelis Kukk, the chairman of Viru Hospital, was in the vehicle and confirmed the incident, but the report did not share any more comments.

Viru Hospital is in the town of Tapa, which is also where NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) troops are located. Although the identities of the three delinquents were not publicly revealed in the open records by the Estonian police, the Russian version of the Estonian media outlet Postimees suggested that the men were NATO soldiers.

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