July 29, 2018  |  Updated July 30, 2018

#BotSpot: Bots Join Backlash Against Islamophobic Cartoon Contest

By Donara Barojan and Ben Nimmo
(Source: @DFRLab)

On June 12, Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders announced that his Freedom Party will hold a competition for cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad. It immediately caused an outcry among Muslim communities as any visual depiction of the prophet is considered to be blasphemous in the Islamic tradition.

Wilders and his party have openly derided Islam and its followers for years. In 2017, before the Dutch parliamentary elections, he referred to Moroccan migrants as “scum” and said, “Islam and freedom are incompatible.” Last March, Wilders was accused of spreading hate speech and incitement to violence against Dutch Muslims after his party aired a campaign video referring to Islam as “terror,” “slavery,” and “deadly”.

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