May 21, 2018  |  Updated May 21, 2018

Disinformation about EU Membership Allegedly Leading to Economic Collapse in Bulgaria and Romania

By Vato Goglidze

On April 27, an online portal Georgia and the World released an interview with Hamlet Chipashvili, a political analyst, in which the respondent talks about employment and economic problems and links that to the EU integration process and visa liberalisation. Chipashvili brings an example of Bulgaria and Romania, claiming that after joining the European Union the two countries’ expectation for better economic situation was not justified, as the enterprises and factories were shut down and the rates of unemployment reached an alarming level. The political analyst also noted that the same will happen in Georgia, especially in the spheres of wine-making and viticulture.

Chipashvili’s claims that the EU membership has led to economic collapse in Bulgaria and Romania are false. These countries joined the European Union in 2007; as a result, their GDP, export, average annual wages, as well as a share of products created in their economies by industrial sector increased. In addition, European countries account for 84% and 78% of Romanian and Bulgarian exports, respectively.

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