February 6, 2019  |  Updated February 6, 2019

Disinformation about Millions of Iranian Migrants Allegedly Heading to Georgia

By Giorgi Bolkvadze

On January 27, 2019, a Facebook page Made in Georgia shared an article released by vanoggg.ge headlined “Regretful and very dangerous information disseminated right now: the flow of millions of migrants is moving from Iran to Georgia.” The original source of this information is the September 7, 2018 Facebook post by Soso Manjavidze, former member of the Alliance of Patriots, which was later reposted by vanoggg.ge without any editorial comment, just with referring to Presa.ge.

Soso Manjavidze claims that 20-25 buses full of Iranians are arriving in Georgia on a daily basis. He also notes that the purpose of mass arrival of Iranians in Georgia is to impose direct rule on eastern Georgia. Manjavidze demands the Georgian government to abolish non-visa rules with Iran and calls on the public to demand the ban on granting residence permits to foreign nationals. It is worth noting that Soso Manjavidze’s post, when it was first disseminated by Presa.ge, had an editorial comment, pointing at a xenophobic content of the statement.

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