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March 8, 2019  |  Updated March 21, 2019

#DisinfoWeek – Bots, Trolls, and Free Expression

By DisinfoPortal Editor

It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between bots, trolls, and real content or people who hold genuine opinions on social media platforms. This, platforms argue, is what makes it more and more complicated to take down content: they risk violating free expression. Melanie Smith, Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Graphika; Bret Schafer, Social Media Analyst and Communications Officer, Alliance for Securing Democracy, The German Marshall Fund of the United States; Sebastian Bay, Senior Expert, Technical and Scientific Development Branch, NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence; Scott Carpenter, Managing Director, Jigsaw; Teri Schultz, Freelance Reporter look at tools available to distinguish between bots and humans, as well as provide recommendations for how platforms, governments, and individuals should respond.