June 7, 2018  |  Updated December 19, 2018

Distortion: Ukraine’s Border Defense Powerless on the Azov Sea

By StopFake
Website screenshot RT

On June 5 Russian media reported that Ukraine’s military had allegedly admitted that its State Border Service was incompetent and ineffective compared to Russia’s border agency. RTRIA NovostiUkraina.ruZvezda, all disseminated this bogus story. These Russian publications cite Ukraine’s State Border Service spokesman Oleh Slobodyan who allegedly said that the Service used outdated equipment and would not be able to withstand a confrontation in the Sea of Azov with Russia’s border Service.

In citing Slobodyan, Russian media focus on one phrase which they take completely out of context from a larger interview Slobodyan gave the Ukrainian television channel UA First. Slobodyan talked about the June training exercises for marine border guard personnel that were held in the Sea of Azov. Slobodyan said similar training exercises would continue in the Azov Sea as they are a Ukrainian show of strength.

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