November 20, 2018  |  Updated November 27, 2018

Fake: Freezing Ukrainians Riot

By StopFake
Website screenshot and scores of other Russian media reported that Ukrainians were rioting throughout the country because they had no heat or hot water in their homes. People are in despair, this is a social tragedy, murder by cold has come to Ukraine declared Komsomolskaya Pravda.

“Ukraine is on the verge of social turmoil. The cold war the government has been waging against its population has brought thousands of people onto the streets. The outside temperature is minus 5 Celsius, people are freezing, the radiators are ice cold and the President is frightened of a possible coup” announced the presenters of the 60 minutes program on Russia’s state television channel Rossiya 1.

Ria NovostiIzvestiaMir24 , PolitnavigatorUkrRudProm and many others dutifully disseminated this fake.

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