November 5, 2018  |  Updated November 15, 2018

Fake: Hungarian Teenagers Kill Ukrainian Boy in Transcarpathia

By StopFake
Website screenshot Politiko

Social media, chat rooms and regional Ukrainian media all circulated stories claiming that a Ukrainian boy was cruelly murdered by Hungarian youths in a village near Berehovo in Transcarpathia. This information first appeared on Facebook on October 30 but was soon deleted. Soon thereafter the claim appeared on the Politiko social forum under the name Nadia Smereka.

This posting is the only notification from Nadia Smereka on the Politiko site. Smereka, if that is her name, presents herself as the mother of a 12-year old boy who was raped and beaten by local teenagers in a town in a predominantly Hungarian town in Transcarpathia. The boy died as a result of the beating and local police have refused to investigate the matter, Smereka writes. She also posts what purports to be a letter from the local police advising her that based on the information she provided, there are no grounds for opening up a criminal investigation into the death of her underage son.

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