December 22, 2018  |  Updated February 14, 2019

Fake: Ukraine Doesn’t Have Enough Gas for the Winter

By StopFake
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Ukraine’s underground gas reserves are melting before our very eyes,  declared the pro-Kremlin publication last week, claiming that Ukraine did not have enough gas to keep homes warm during the oncoming winter. This is how chose to interpret data presented by Ukraine’s gas transportation company Ukrtransgaz; that gas reserves in the country’s underground storage facilities had decreased.

According to Ukrtransgaz data, as of December 19 Ukraine’s underground gas storage facilities were 47 percent full, with 14.7 billion cubic meters of available gas. During December 8-19,Ukraine’s gas reserves decreased by 5.2%. It is this decrease that has latched onto to claim that “the amount of gas in Ukraine’s storage facilities is drastically decreasing”.

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