October 19, 2018  |  Updated November 7, 2018

Fake: Ukrainian Army Deploys Polish Soldiers to Donbas

By StopFake
Website screenshot Luganskyi Informacionnyi Centar

NATO-equipped Polish mercenaries deployed to Donbas – this headline was emblazoned across several separatist websites last week (RegnumNovorossiaLuganskyi Informacionnyi CentrNews Front).

These publications cite lieutenant colonel Andrey Marochko, the representative of the so-called People’s Police of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic, who during his latest briefing, announced that Ukraine’s military was supplementing its 53rd mechanized brigade deployed around the village of Triokhizbenka in the eastern Ukrainian Luhansk region with 30 fighters armed with NATO grade weapons who arrived on the scene speaking Polish.

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