January 10, 2019  |  Updated January 11, 2019

From Unstoppable Immigrant Flood to Female Santa Claus

By EU vs Disinfo

New Year is a time for resolutions, but can also be a time of uncertainty. What better moment to play on fear of the unknown and to dig out old, well-known deterrents?

This time, pro-Kremlin disinformation put migrants in the bogeymen role. Migrants flooding Georgia were supposed to be the consequence of the UN Global Migration Compact; the West would allegedly force Georgia to accept immigrants without the country’s control. However, the publicly available Migration Compact does not talk about forcing anybody to do anything.

Migrants were also portrayed as people who cause significant increases in public disorder, robberies and rapes in Germany, as well as turning Europe into an Islamic region, a narrative we are well familiar with. These claims might well play on real concerns but they distort and exacerbate feelings and are not supported by any statistics or reliable evidence.

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