November 14, 2018  |  Updated November 15, 2018 Uses a 2016 Photo of a Manifestation in Poland to Illustrate the Developments in Norway

By Myth Detector

On November 8, a web-portal Georgia and the World (Geworld) published an article, titled “Norwegians do not Want NATO Exercises”. As the article claims, manifestations took place in Norway against NATO Exercise Trident Juncture, which, allegedly, uses Russia as a hypothetical opponent, and that NATO bases are located on the territory of Norway illegitimately. The publication also includes a suspicion that the ships could have carried a nuclear weapon, in the framework of the exercise. The article is accompanied by a photo that depicts two people holding a protest slogan that reads “Nobody Asked Thou Occupation”. The primary source of the article is a Swedish webpage –’s article is manipulative, as the NATO Exercise Trident Juncture is being carried out in Norway based on a request by the Norwegian Government, and the placement of the American Naval Forces on the territory of Norway, as proven by official documents, is legitimate, too. uses photos from 2016 that show a manifestation in Poland to illustrate the protest, organized by the Norwegian Communist Party in 2018.

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