November 27, 2018  |  Updated February 22, 2019

Geworld’s Disinformation on Children Allegedly Taken away from Homophobic Parents in Netherlands

By Myth Detector

On November 21, a website Georgia and World ( released an article titled “European horror: children are taken away from parents and sent to special camps for raising.” The article claims that the Netherlands has adopted the law according to which due to intolerant attitude towards the LGBT community, parents are fined and deprived of their parental rights. The article also notes that eight children were taken away from their families on the very first day of enactment of the law. The article involves the statement by Dutch Ombudsman for Children, Aster Maria Jacobs, as well as an image showing a police officer locking the children in a police car. does not specify its primary source in the article.

The information as if the Netherlands has started to take children away from parents due to the latter’s intolerant attitude towards LGBT community was first spread on October 19 on The latter uses the same photo for illustrating the story. The website itself warns that all materials posted on are fabricated and satirical. The name of Dutch Ombudsman for Children, Aster Maria Jacobs has been fabricated too. Actually, this position is held by Margrite Kalverboer.

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