January 28, 2019  |  Updated April 10, 2019

Manipulation by Alt-info as if Poland and Hungary Will Have Their Funding Terminated Due to Their Immigration Policies

By Myth Detector

On January 19, 2019 Alt-Info published an article titled “The European Parliament has Supported a Proposal that Envisages Suspension of Funding for the Countries that Contradict the Rule of Law.” According to Alt-Info, the list of the countries includes Hungary and Poland, as they oppose the liberal immigration policy of the EU. The article by Alt-info has been published based on an online edition Politico.eu.

This attempt by Alt-info to link the initiative supported by the European Parliament with an immigration policy is manipulative, since the document envisages the termination of financing for those EU member countries which do not obey the rule of law. Disobeying the rule of law, along with other issues, includes the absence of an independent court and failure to investigate corruption crimes. Politico.eu, which Alt-Info uses as their source for these claims, links the European Parliament’s initiative with Poland and Hungary, as the rule of law in these countries is weakened.

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