March 29, 2018  |  Updated April 18, 2018

Maria Zakharova’s Freestyle Wrestling with the Facts

By Polygraph
Polygraph poster - Maria Zakharova, Wrestling

“The issue, however, is that not granting visas to our athletes is a flagrant violation by the United States of its obligations as the state hosting international competitions. We are talking about a direct and overt discrimination against the team of one of the participating nations.”

The short quote in the top section of this fact-check is a part of a much longer statement by Russian Foreign Ministry Press Secretary Maria Zakharova. There are several layers of misinformation in her statement, which was published on the ministry Web site. First, she falsely claims that the American embassy declined to organize visa interviews for the Russian freestyle wrestling team planning to visit the U.S. to participate in the World Cup in Iowa City, in the U.S., on April 7-8.

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