October 11, 2017  |  Updated June 22, 2018

Moscow’s Game of Narratives Between Bucharest and Chisinau

By Corina Rebegea

This article was originally published by CEPA.

A recent Sputnik News editorial in Romanian brings to mind a favorite Kremlin propaganda tactic: the reinterpretation of history. Across Central and Eastern Europe, the Kremlin rewrites history to portray Russia as a friend and ally with the aim of swaying opinion, creating doubt about historical truths and turning populations against the West.

In Romania, the biggest swath of rewritten history has to do with the Republic of Moldova and whether that country has a national identity of its own distinct from that of Romania. This is a sensitive topic for both nations, making it an easy target for Russian propaganda. It also relates to another narrative that Romanian nationalists (and possibly Russian disinformation agents as well) have been propagating: the importance of maintaining Romania’s territorial integrity. This rhetoric will likely increase as Romania prepares for the 100th anniversary of its independence in December 2018.

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