June 27, 2018  |  Updated November 7, 2018

Russian Ambassador’s Claim to Albania: No “Aggressive Plans” – Belied by Actions

By Polygraph
Montenegro - Cossacks and bikers in leather jackets in front of the church of St. Nicholas in Kotor from Russia, pro-Russian part of Ukraine, Serbia and Montenegro, where they devoutly listened to the liturgy of Kotor Serbian Orthodox Church

Ambassador Karpushin’s statement is false, mixed with half-truths. Russian politicians and state-owned media effectively debunk his claims.

  • “[M]aintenance of sustainable cultural and humanitarian ties with the Balkan peoples. All this certainly applies to Albania.”

Analyses of official rhetoric and the Russian media’s narrative reveal there have been no notable signs that Russia has tried to improve relations with Albania.

By way of example, Russia’s RIA Novosti state news agency reported in January 2017 that the first train to travel from Serbia to Kosovo in 17 years was made in Russia and had “Kosovo is Serbia” written on it in 21 languages, including Albanian.

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