November 6, 2018  |  Updated December 12, 2018

Russian Embassy Distorts Story About Anti-Vaccine Disinformation

By Polygraph

On November 5, the Twitter account of the Russian Embassy in Britain tweeted a photo of an article by newspaper columnist Clare Foges, published in the British newspaper “The Times.” The subject of the article was the public health risk posed by children who are unvaccinated. The article explained that the anti-vaccine movement grew as a result of propaganda distributed via the internet, and noted that researchers found Russian trolls had also helped spread anti-vaccine propaganda in the West.

The Russian Embassy Twitter feed characterized “The Times” article as telling readers that Russia is anti-vaccine, and said this is inaccurate because child vaccination is required by law in Russia. The author did not say or imply that Russia is anti-vaccine. So, Russian law is irrelevant in this instance.

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