November 27, 2018  |  Updated January 8, 2019

Russian Media Outlet Edits Out Key Moments In Kerch Strait Ramming Video

By Polygraph
UKRAINE (Sea of Azov) -- A video posted on Facebook by Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov that appears to show the Russian coast-guard vessel ramming the Ukrainian Navy tugboat

On November 25, Ruptly, the video service of the Russian state-owned media outlet RT, released a video purporting to show Russian Coast Guard vessels intercepting Ukrainian vessels that had allegedly “breached Russian waters.” A comparison with the same video as shown by Western news web sites reveals a very important difference.

The Ruptly video leaves out the most important part of the original video – which showed the Ukrainian tugboat slowing to a stop. The original video, shot from the Russian Coast Guard vessel shows it holding its course until it rams the stopped tugboat.

After the edit, we see the tug moving away from the Russian vessel again, and a Ukrainian navy patrol boat moves in front of the Russian ship’s bow from port to starboard. From accounts of the incident, two Ukrainian patrol boats responded to the tugboat’s distress call after it was rammed by the Russian vessel. Both of these boats were fired upon, with some Ukrainian crew members suffering minor wounds before they were captured along with their vessels. After this brief scene, during which the Ukrainian patrol boat is visible for a few seconds, the Ruptly video loops back to the beginning.

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