April 16, 2018  |  Updated April 27, 2018

#TrollTracker: Disinformation Surge from Skripal to Syria

By Ben Nimmo
Social media traffic mentioning the words “Syria” and “false flag” or #falseflag, April 1 — April 16, 2018. (Source: Sysomos)

On April 14, the Pentagon claimed that the “Russian disinformation campaign” over the recent Western missile strikes in Syria had already begun. On April 16, British media reported a twenty-fold increase in “disinformation” related to the strikes.

@DFRLab has already assessed another of the Pentagon’s claims — a “2000% increase in Russian trolls” over a 24-hour period — and found it unsupported by the evidence. In this post, we assess the broader topic of a surge in disinformation around the chemical attack and missile strikes in Syria.

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