July 10, 2019  |  Updated August 9, 2019

Who Spreads Statement Made Five Years Ago for Inciting Fear of War Today

By Sopo Gelava and Ani Kistauri

A news report claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin is allegedly getting ready to invade Georgia went viral on Facebook recently. According to the same report, the U.S. Intelligence Service has confirmed it. On July 6, the news report was posted by Newpost.com.ge and TVM News.ge A day later, on July 7, the same report was spread by timenews.ge. On July 7, Georgian tabloid ალიამ and online edition intermedia.ge reposted the report referring to timenews.ge.

According to the news report, President Putin plans to carry out military intervention in Georgia. The articles quote Mike Rogers, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, as saying that to establish direct links with Iran, Putin is ready to carry out military operations in Georgia and Armenia. According to the same report, Putin is delivering Russia’s modern equipment to South Ossetia.

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